Where to get the best online deals this Christmas

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Christmas Gift The festive season is well and truly upon us and the big day is just a week away, leading many of us to panic about buying last minute gifts.

If you missed the chaos that was Black Friday, or indeed even its online counterpart, Cyber Monday – you still have time to grab a quick bargain now in the run up to Christmas, or better still, a few post-Christmas deals. To make the most of this Christmas season, check out these websites which will not only save you a trip to the shops but also a few pennies.

For the tech addict

You may have heard the news recently that Amazon UK broke records on the aforementioned Black Friday – in fact, it sold an incredible 5.5 million items on November 28. Much of this is down to its famed ‘Lightning Deals,’ in which, for one day only, a particular item is listed for a hugely reduced price. This can range from anything from gaming merchandise to sewing machines. It’s something of a gamble, but totally worth it if you’re stuck for some last minute ideas or just fancy treating yourself.

For the home interiors nut

We all have a friend or loved one who has something of a flamboyant or fickle taste – and this can be reflected in their home interior tastes. So how do you treat the person whose needs are constantly changing? Thankfully, at www.bedstar.co.uk, you can help yourself to a deal without having to spend thousands on something which could soon get upgraded. The site has a huge range of beds, bed frames, headboards, pillows and duvets, accessories and more, so whatever their tastes, you’ll have it covered. What’s more, if you have a home design project for the New Year, it’s a great incentive to get you started.

For the budding catwalk model

We all love to get a fashion bargain over Christmas – whether it’s glitzing up for the office party or ringing in 2015 at New Year’s Eve, there is just something extra special about that Christmas sparkle. Thankfully, there are huge discounts to be had in the run up to and after Christmas at a multitude of high street stores. For the fashion forward ladies, Office are offering festive discounts of up to 60 per cent, while the aspiring David Beckham in your life can enjoy the same slashed prices at Burton, combine with discount code GIFT10 for £10 off a £40 spend valid until Christmas Eve. Grab them while they’re hot!

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Tip: Share your skills

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A great way to save money in these tough times is to know people with skills who are willing to help you out at low or no cost. Having the right friends can save you £100 in service charges and the like when something goes unexpectedly wrong.

Of course you can’t expect people to do something for you for nothing, so think about what skills you have and can offer in return – everyone has something they are good at.

My fiance and I are the ‘go to’ people for all things related to creating websites and fixing computers and I cannot remember the last time we paid full price for any service as a result.

My fiance is the computer expert and this is definitely the most useful, he fixes peoples computers either by having them drop them off at our house or by using services like PC Remote Access and then charges a minimal amount just to cover his time. This results in plumbers, builders, decorators, electricians and every other kind of serviceman wanting to return the favour :)

He’s been using proxy pro 6 for a while now and swears by it, it can make a job a whole lot easier for everyone involved – being able to access a PC remotely and do a little troubleshooting so he has an idea what the issue is first is really invaluable!

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Dreaming of Malta

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I am very much craving a holiday at the moment – a little time away from work and all the other responsibilities I have day to day, even all the little things we all have to do like the washing up and walking the dog are dragging me down. I am sure every one feels like this now and then though, especially in the winter months when you spend half of your time freezing cold and daydreaming about jetting off somewhere sunny and hot where you have nothing to do all day but swim in the pool or loll on the beach :)

The last few years we went to the canaries for our holidays – Lanzarote and Fuerteventura to be exact – this year I think we would like to try somewhere different such as Greece, Cyprus or Malta. I used to go to Malta with my family as a child and I have always wanted to visit Cyprus.

The only problem is that I am sure I would never want to come home again, it has long since been my dream to retire to a gorgeous condo somewhere glorious and although I am only 34 I would do it tomorrow if I could get away with it – but then wouldn’t most people? It is of course only a pipedream at the moment as retiring is still many years away but if I were out there I am sure there would be no harm in looking. I would like to think I am sensible enough to not rush into any thing but then who knows, you sometimes do strange things when you are in ‘Holiday mode’, right?

I may take the time to do a little research on Malta to find out the best places to visit and things to see while out there and make it a priority to return.


How to Save Money Whilst Shopping Online

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13772569453_a800f43121_mShopping via the internet has by far overtaken the high street in terms of where consumers buy their products; UK shoppers spent £91 billion online in 2013, and though this may be less than the overall £300.7 billion size of the UK retail market, it is definitely not a figure to balk at. Online shopping is often far cheaper than the high street, though with all that sterling flying around cyberspace, what are the best ways you can save more money by shopping online? Here’s our top picks.


Automatons generally get a bad rap in our society; apocalyptic visions of artificial intelligence gone rogue, overthrowing humanity; robots don’t all conform to this stereotype, however. Shopping robots (shopbots) are programmes that go through internet retailers’ inventories and prices to find you the best deal. There are loads too, and a quick search on your favourite search engine can produce a vast number of results.

Take Advantage of Your Online Rights

It’s strange to think that, through buying from online retailers, one is actually covered by more consumer rights than would be afforded to one if they’d bought a product on the high street. Buying in-store gives you no right of return unless the product is faulty, compared to online where, under the distance selling regulations, you have the right to return even fault-less goods for a full refund, including delivery costs (though you may have to pay to send it back). Know your rights!

Find Those Discounts!


High street shops often have their own online outlet stores, and one can find plenty of huge discounts through money saving expert’s outlet discount finder. Online shops such as Bedstar also offer plenty of discounted products, and, again, a quick search can find plenty of stores that offer purely discounted items; doing one’s research can save plenty of pounds! Sites like HotUKDeals also offer a surplus of different discount codes and offers; when you get to the checkout of any online store and are presented with the ‘enter discount code’ field, search the name of the site plus the word ‘deals’ and, more often than not, you’ll get money off your purchase. Easy!

Social Networks

Taking advantage of the decidedly social apps that include Groupon and Social Living can save you lots of money. These apps, aimed at the saver on the fly, can afford many discounts at businesses that usually wouldn’t have discounts on offer; think restaurants, bars, cafes, cinemas, travel operators and even spas! Facebook exclusive offers are also coming thick and fast these days, so keep an eye out on the pages of your favourite products and retailers to find those hidden deals!

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Good games for girls

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One of my husbands friends has a daughter that I have only just go to meet, she’s four years old and she really is adorable. I am not a huge fan of kids, not having any myself and never have been an aunt they are somewhat foriegn to me and I tend to find myself annoyed at them getting in the way rather than enjoying their company – God that makes me sound awful doesn’t it? But I am sure I am not alone.

This little girl really is a treat though, she’s really grown up and smart and doesn’t miss a trick – you can’t talk down to her or try and trick her.

She absolutely loves Dora so I have been keeping an eye out for offers and deals for anything to do with Dora, I am going to be flavour of the month when I pass on the link to diego and dora games that I just found and that is with both herself and her parents as it is bound to provide her with endless hours of fun throughout the remainder of the school holidays thus freeing up more time for them to relax and do their own thing – her dad for example is absolutely mad about Call of Duty and her mum loves to ride horses.

She also loves any kind of girlie things, if it’s pink she loves it and she likes doing beauty and makeup, she is probably better at it me and always asks if we can play nail polish games and graffiti games at dressica.com when I go round to visit and let our dogs have a pupppy play date :)

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Cashback: Topcashback and Quidco introduce instore cashback

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By now you will no doubt already use sites like TopCashBack and Quidco to earn cashback on your online purchases – but did you know that both have recently launched ways you can earn a little extra on your instore purchases as well?

Quidco have introduced ‘ClickSnap‘ and TopCashBack have intoduced ‘SnapandSave‘ – both work in the same way.

Each week a number of special offers will appear such as “Buy any 1lt bottle of Troicana and get 50p cashback”, you make your purchase in your favourite supermarket such as Tesco, Sainsbrys or Asda and then you send them a picture of your til receipt.

It really is a simple and easy process but be sure you read the instructions and requirements fully – I bought a slighly bigger size of something than an offer on Quidco was for and the cashback was declined.

The best thing about ClickSnap and SnapandSave though is that there are some genuinely great offers each week that can see you getting products for free or even making a profit. Last week Quidco were offering £5 cashback on a 400g box of Ferrero Rocher which were priced at £5 in Tesco so effecively free. Topcashback had an offer for £2 off a £10 spend on fuel. This week they Quidco offering £2 cashback on a 700g bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup which is priced at £2 in most of the supermarkets this week.

So make sure you check the weekly deals from both these new services from the cashback big boys and save even more :)

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Deals Round Up: 22nd November

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++ 25% off ladies/gents shoes + 20% off (ends at midnight) at Boohoo
Use codes “HAPPYFEET” for 25% of footwear and then “PAYPALXMAS20” for 20% off.

++ 50% off Vans at Selfridges

++ 25% off Bank Fashion

++ Amazon Black Friday week starts MONDAY

++ Reeces White Butter cup miniatures 131g 83p at Asda

++ £10 plants for 10p at Homebase
VERY limited stock so don’t get excited! But you might get lucky

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Granite worktops

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I have been spoilt when it comes to the worktops in our kitchen as they are a very stylish and high quality black granite that look gorgeous but also wear really well – and I didn’t even have to pay for them, they were already there when we moved in :)

When I go to my parents house to stay over now and I need to use the kitchens I am always nervous about marking the surfaces which are no where near as good as ours. I have already burnt one patch by putting a hot pan straight down on it and the last time I was there I put a big knife mark right in the middle when I midlessly chopped an onion in half without using a chopping board – something that I would do at home on my surfaces in the kitchen without problem. To say that my dad was not impressed with me would be an understatement.

Should I ever need to do a search for “granite worktops Buckinghamshire” I am sure that TheGraniteHouse.co.uk will be the site that comes the most highly recommended as I know several people who have used them already and have nothing but priase for the service, quality and price.


Tip: Earn some extra money sharing your skills

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It’s not something most people would think of but you can earn a nice little bit of extra pocket money by simply using or sharing your skills with others.

My fiance earns a little extra cash using two of his skills – he fixes computers for people and he coaches others at snooker, a game he is very good at himself and has been playing since he was a child. He doesn’t do the coaching too often though as he is not a very patient man and he says that it stresses him out more than anything – given that mostly he teaches children to play and you need a lot of patience to work with them I can see why he doesn’t feel it’s exactly right for him :)

But if you do have the patience to teach children than it can be very rewarding to help them get in to sports and see them grow.
Another great way to help kids get into various sports though is to let them play computer games – it teaches them the rules of the game and the basic idea behind them so that when they do go out and play the real thing as they will no doubt be encouraged to do, they have a good understanding of what they are doing and are less of a ‘newbie’ than they could be.

If you were looking to get into soccer for example you could test your feet skills on various games or even add more fun and play with the looney tunes characters.

If you are lucky enough to live in a country with a big winter sports scene then there are many ways have fun with virtual ice games online to get the ball rolling – so to speak – the possibilities really are endless.

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Free Screening: Welcome to the Punch

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Free Screening to Welcome to the Punch

Date: Tuesday 12th March 2013
Time: 18:30

Birmingham, Odeon
Cardiff Atlantic Wharf, Odeon
Coventry, Odeon
Edinburgh Wester Hailes, Odeon
Greenwich, Odeon
Kingston upon Thames, Odeon
Leeds/Bradford, Odeon
Liverpool ONE, Odeon
Manchester Trafford Centre, Odeon
Newcastle MetroCentre, Odeon
Norwich, Odeon
Southampton, Odeon

When a notorious criminal is forced to return to London, it gives a detective one last chance to take down the man he’s always been after.

Eran Creevy
Eran Creevy
James McAvoy, Mark Strong, David Morrissey | See full cast and crew

Simply follow this link

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