Granite worktops

Posted by admin on April 18th, 2013 filed in Bargain

I have been spoilt when it comes to the worktops in our kitchen as they are a very stylish and high quality black granite that look gorgeous but also wear really well – and I didn’t even have to pay for them, they were already there when we moved in :)

When I go to my parents house to stay over now and I need to use the kitchens I am always nervous about marking the surfaces which are no where near as good as ours. I have already burnt one patch by putting a hot pan straight down on it and the last time I was there I put a big knife mark right in the middle when I midlessly chopped an onion in half without using a chopping board – something that I would do at home on my surfaces in the kitchen without problem. To say that my dad was not impressed with me would be an understatement.

Should I ever need to do a search for “granite worktops Buckinghamshire” I am sure that will be the site that comes the most highly recommended as I know several people who have used them already and have nothing but priase for the service, quality and price.

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