Tip: Earn some extra money sharing your skills

Posted by admin on March 2nd, 2013 filed in Tip

It’s not something most people would think of but you can earn a nice little bit of extra pocket money by simply using or sharing your skills with others.

My fiance earns a little extra cash using two of his skills – he fixes computers for people and he coaches others at snooker, a game he is very good at himself and has been playing since he was a child. He doesn’t do the coaching too often though as he is not a very patient man and he says that it stresses him out more than anything – given that mostly he teaches children to play and you need a lot of patience to work with them I can see why he doesn’t feel it’s exactly right for him :)

But if you do have the patience to teach children than it can be very rewarding to help them get in to sports and see them grow.
Another great way to help kids get into various sports though is to let them play computer games – it teaches them the rules of the game and the basic idea behind them so that when they do go out and play the real thing as they will no doubt be encouraged to do, they have a good understanding of what they are doing and are less of a ‘newbie’ than they could be.

If you were looking to get into soccer for example you could test your feet skills on various games or even add more fun and play with the looney tunes characters.

If you are lucky enough to live in a country with a big winter sports scene then there are many ways have fun with virtual ice games online to get the ball rolling – so to speak – the possibilities really are endless.

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